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Do you have your wedding photographer booked?

This time of year is wedding planning time. Do you have your wedding photographer booked?  It’s a valid question.  I only photograph one wedding a day and I expect it is the same with my competitors.  There are a lot of qualified professional photographers.  I suggest you decide who you want now and book that photographer.  Look at photographs. Check reviews from previous brides. Visit with your prospective photographer and see if you will be comfortable with him or her photographing your wedding event.  Find someone easy to work with and who will work hard to capture your wedding day in photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

Keep in mind some days are more popular than others for weddings.  So while we photographers are competing with other photographers for your business, there are other brides booking photographers on your wedding day.  I hope you choose me as your wedding photographer but whomever you choose I urge you to book him or her now. Call us at photography