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We charge $1,490 or $1,590 depending on how you want to do the formal photographs. There is no travel charge in Greene County or Craighead County, or Pulaski County, Arkansas. See the bottom of this page for more travel pricing information.

**Added value! In addition to getting all of the images in high-resolution files, you will receive two wall portraits. One is a 20″ x 30″ and the other is a 20″ x 24″ print. This is a $655 value for these prints and it is included in the pricing above. The only requirement to get this added value is that you have to let us know which two files you want printed within 35 days after you get the files from us. These beautiful prints are ready for framing and will be a delightful addition to your home.

When your wedding day is over how many pictures should you get? We think the only answer for such a special day is “ALL OF THEM.”

We photograph from before your wedding all the way through two hours of the reception and capture hundreds of images. You get all of these in high-resolution files with a print authorization that let’s you print them wherever and whenever you want. Having these files and permission to use them any way you want is important. Most brides publish albums on social media. Some print tons of 4x6s. Some do additional wall portraits and some do albums. The key is you can do anything with them. If you want an album you can do it yourself with some of the on-line album companies … you can hire a graphic designer to do it … or you can hire me or any other photographer of your choosing to do it.

There will be a minimum of 400 files. In reality I have never had less than 800 images and sometimes the number exceeds 2000. Most weddings average 1200 – 1500 images.

Call us to discuss your wedding. We will talk about the plan above and discuss additional options that are available to you and what you want in your wedding photography.

Keep in mind most weddings are on Saturdays. It is best to book your photographer well in advance.

Check our reviews on The Knot and at Wedding Channel.

**Why we say this is added value. We have charged the $1490 or $1590 for several years with the bride receiving only the digital files. Our brides have been happy to pay this and some have reported that they have checked from Dallas to St. Louis and believe we are the best price for the quality and value they receive. Some have said they want to be a Tim Rand Photography bride and the price is really no consideration for them. And others have said they are having a low-budget wedding but the most important thing to them is having great photographs. And that is where they have spent a large portion of their budget.

So brides in the past have received only the files. Why add the two prints? Some brides have wanted us but cannot justify in their minds paying $1490 or $1590 and not getting any prints. By adding these two wall portraits we are making it easy for them to say yes to being a Tim Rand Photography bride. The cost is still $1490 or $1590. However, a bride can look at it as being a $2145 or $2245 value (which it is) or they can subtract the $655 worth of prints and look at the photography and files as costing only $835 or $935. Then it is worth it to them. The actual money is the $1490 or $1590 and it is therefore worth it to us. It’s a win-win situation.

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We are available for travel if we do not have a date conflict. Travel fees are $.50 a mile. You can figure the travel fee by clicking here and enter the address of the wedding. Use Little Rock, Arkansas as the starting point. Multiply the total estimated distance by $1.

 Engagement photographs and Bridal portraits